Welcome to PJF Corporation!

Since its founding over 30 years ago, PJF Corporation has been marked by a constant, intense focus on one concept: providing above average quality at a below average price – we call this value. Our clients take an interactive approach in their building being constructed; we like to see them at the site, confirming they are getting what they expect ~ “On schedule and under budget.”

We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to provide value for you.

Dave & Carla Whitaker, Owners & officers



  • Bondable and insured
  • Licensed in most mid-west and western states
  • A “safety first“ company 
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Responsive, personalized service
  • Serving customers since 1975
Proud Sponsors
 If I had known how easy you would make it, I would have started using you a long time ago.
- Client

It's nice to finally have a project run smooth for a change.

- Architect

 My boss was skeptical about using a new contractor; you made me look like a hero around our office.
- Project Manager

I wish I'd found you ten years ago!

- Developer

 Of all the construction projects I've been involved with, your was by far the best experience.
- Client